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Social media managers are in charge of representing a company across social channels as the sole voice of the brand. They respond to comments, compile campaigns and create content. These experts provide organizations with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence.

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Stay connected with your customers with engaging conversations

You probably fall in any one of these groups:

Business owners trying to expand their reach via social media (you may or may not have profiles on social media platforms);

Agencies who want to hire resources to manage their clients

of the group you fall under, to improve your brand loyalty &
reputation and to increase inbound traffic, VE’s experts help you with
the entire SMM lifecycle:

Starting From the Basics

  • Page/Profile Set Up – Set up your
    individual page or profile on various social media channels (relevant to
    your business) and update them with relevant information.
  • Audience Research and Content Strategy – Create a weekly content calendar to drive engagement to the page and provide value to your visitors.
  • Marketing Strategy – Define goals and create promotion strategy to achieve them.
  • Campaign Set Up and Launch – Code execution, Ad Creative creation, and Campaign set up


  • Profile/Page Audit and Optimization – Study the current status of the page and optimize it for the visitors.
  • Content Strategy to maximize engagement – Analyse what grabbed visitors’ attention and leverage that data to create a powerful future content strategy.
  • Ad Account Audit and Recommendations
    Study the existing campaigns and optimize accounts for achieving maximum
    results (audit + recommendations + execution of changes).

Want To Increase Your Brand Visibility by 100%?

Create a Buzz about Your Brand on All Social Media Platforms

Our strong social media strategy helps you to
achieve your real goal – that is, sell a product or a service – and not
merely be ‘good’ at social media. Getting more Likes or views or
‘engagement’ than your competitors is meaningless if your products
remain on the shelf or no one signs up. Our social media optimization
services give you real, tangible benefits and not just increase your
social metrics.

The social media experts you hire from VE have
perfected a social media strategy that has an inbuilt conversion
strategy as well and goes well beyond mere social media metrics. And
conversion depends upon great content and a powerful design. Both of
which are easily accessible with VE.

Here are some of the feathers in VE’s SMM team’s cap:

Rich Western firm experience, having worked with 500+ global clients from various industries

Driving 20X growth in traffic to client websites from social media activities.

Running successful campaigns, reaching out 2 million+ people, without any ad spend

Engaging 300,000+ communities for branding and engagement

Creating more than a million ads for different platforms for 250+ global clients.

VE’s SMM experts
follow the “pan platform approach”, that is, our approach is
audience-centric and not platform-centric, which allows us to expand on
different platforms with different kinds of messages.

From Searching to Hiring, VE Makes It So Easy!

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What You Get Only At VE

Skilled Copywriters + Creative Graphic Designers + Daily Reporting

While content forms
the backbone of any marketing campaign, a powerful design can help grab
eyeballs in the intensely disruptive online marketing landscape. The
good news is that at VE, you don’t just get SMM experts – you also get a
team of talented writers and designers that work closely with your
marketing team here to give you optimized campaigns.

Content Creation

Our certified copywriters will write original, shareable and
engaging content that is also platform-appropriate. Great content is
hard to ignore or resist. When you leverage our proven copywriting
skills to create your online content, your readers will:

  • Subscribe to your content offerings
  • Share it with others on various platforms

Social Engagement – Every social media platform has a
different audience and specific ‘tone’ or ‘flavor’. VE’s ace copywriters
know how to match the style with the platform – informal on Twitter,
engaging in Facebook, formal on LinkedIn and so on.

Creative Graphic Designers

VE’s in-house team of certified and experienced graphic
designers have been creating some amazing designs for our global clients
and can do the same for you as well.

Daily Reporting & Social Media Monitoring

Your virtual experts/ team will provide real time reporting
and tracking interface to view detailed statistics. They will also
actively monitor all your social media campaigns and keep you updated
with the latest online trends in your industry, what people are saying
about you and how to respond promptly on social media. They’ll also
share comprehensive insights and other detailed reports with you as
frequently as you want.

Here’s some heart-warming feedback from our clients

VE has been a reliable resource for us for over 6 years. We’ve taken everything from SEO & PPC to hosting & web design.

Thomas Zizzo, Founder,, USA

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